Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Adding Writers to the Blog

I think I sent this to everyone, but I'll post it to the blog as well.

Everyone should be able to sign into the blog using the admin account (this one) - I sent out the login info, let me know if you want it again. 

However, it's also useful to be able to post from your own account. To do this, you can invite yourself from the admin account. Go to "Settings" and "Permissions", and put in your email address to send an invite to yourself. From there you should be able to set up your own account to sign in with. 

If you want, I'm also happy to send you an invite if you give me your email address. 

Let me know if you have any ideas for this blog! You should be able to change the colors, etc by signing into the admin account, so feel free. 

- Emily

Doll Project

Fran gave me a darling little doll when I left, and the other week I made her a sundress.

The hair ties are mine - I think they're very summery. Everything is hand-sewn, and the fabric is scraps from a project I had to make my own sundress! I'll finish it sometime, when I unearth the sewing machine here...

- Emily

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ready for the summer to REALLY start

Hey all!

Nothing much happening here in Brooklyn. I've been slowly but surely getting ready for two months in Italy. That mostly means realizing I have no farm appropriate clothing, footwear, or luggage. I leave in a week and one day and I'm getting equal parts excited and nervous.

In other news, I got a haircut today!
Stay tuned for updates from Italy

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Not much going on these days in Ye Olde Shoppe.I think I've made more of my own clothes than I ever have since I've been there.
One interesting thing: there was a demonstration at the corner of Thayer and Waterman Sts. on Friday.
I was going to the optomotrist right there on that corner, on my lunch break, and I noticed two things:one, that there were at least twenty to thirty Providence policemen standing on the side of the science building and some on the opposite corner.But there was nothing happening, they were all just standing around.The other thing I noticed at just about the same time, was that my all time favorite stationery store, Morrison's was closed!
I went into the optomotrist and I said ,"I have two questions: one, why are all those cops out there, and, two, what happened to Morrison's?!
The optomotrist (I don't know his name) shook his head sadly and said"Yeah, he had been here for 19 years, and he sold real quality products. He sold the place to some chain burger joint, and he 's opening a new store in Knoxville.Thayer St. is becoming a food court."
I am so bummed! That's where I whenever I wanted a special present for myself.I bought some real nice fountain pens there. That makes me so sad.
But, he said he had no idea why the cops were there.
Well, as we sat there checking my eyes, I said, "Ill bet there's going to be a demonstration", and we got up to look, and sure enough, there were these people carrying signs that said things that made me sick to my stomach! Things like"Faggot University" and "God Hates Faggots", and one about Obama being a beast, and other disgusting abortion things like "You Would Eat Your Babies!" .
They were on the side where the cops were.I went outside, and some young people had started to gather with counter signs, that said nice things like,PLEASE GO AWAY!
I found out the demonstrators were affiliated with soome weird church in Kansas.Someone told me that they hate all liberals, Jews, but especially homosexuals; and they think that God is punishing theUS for it's tolerance of homosexuality by letting soldiers die in Iraq.One of thier signs said"PRAY FOR MORE DEAD SOLDIERS!"
Christ, how stupid are they if they can't even put up a sign that people can figure out!
Well, it was quite a bit of excitement.Reminded me of the old days.I called Rona and told him about it.he said"Fran, don't get arrested!".I sure felt liked doing something.Finally I said to the kids making the signs,"Make one that says "TAKE DRUGS, GET HAPPY!".They laughed.
I left, and as I walked back up Waterman St, I yelled at the people sitting in the traffic jam, "Run them over!'.
They went all over the city that afternoon.They went to two temples(I asked the kid who seemed to know all about these people if they were Holocaust Deniers, he said,"No, they EMBRACE the holocaust!" Unbelievable.
What I should have said to them was"Half of our police force has been taken away to protect you people, and we are paying for that, why don't you like us??????"
Well, that's it from here.
Emily , how do I add the other names to this blog?

Love, and have a great summer!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ennui in NY

Hey!  whoa.... this is my virgin blog experience.  No I can show the world that I have an opinion or take pictures of what i am wearing for people to comment on!

I will be in Providence June 10th to July 17th,  working with this woman from RISD to start up this (sort of)non profit business/consignment shop  called Waste Not Want Not.  We will be taking second hand clothing and redesigning, redoing, embellishing, whatever  and selling them boutique style.  I believe the store is going to be on Westminister.  If any one wants to submit anything, they will get 50% of the money and the rest (after necessary expenses) goes towards selected charities.  score!

Other than that kinda bored right now.  Working. Sleeping.  Jogging for half a block and then remembering that I hate jogging. 

Hope all is well with you guys!


Checking in!!

Hello all!! I wasn't very eager to post because I actually haven't really started any projects to speak of. My mom and I finally arrived home after a few days of driving on Wednesday night, and unloaded WAY too much stuff. In fact, most of my things are stacked in the hallway.
Life has been more hectic than I planned. On an impulse, I decided to change my flight to Italy to next Friday, so I pretty much have a week to unpack, visit the necessary relatives, and repack for Italy. Add to this the need to relax after the madness of graduation and senior week, and it's completely stressful-- but mostly good, exciting stress.
On Thursday night, with my parents and sister, I saw Jersey Boys, the national tour. It was very entertaining, though the script (outside of the musical numbers which were fantastic) left a lot to be desired. It was pretty cute, though-- the theater was filled with all these senior citizens, who got really into all the songs and were dancing and stuff at the end during curtain call.
For now, I'm off to go to my favorite thrift store and look for some farmer-appropriate clothing.
How is everyone? Anyone being a bit more creative? Post!! I would love to hear from y'all.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I am so happy that Emily did this for us!
We can all keep in touch so much easier .
And the best part is that I won't have to be the only one talking!
Hope all got our invite to next week's party. It's really shaping up.
Blog me(is that right?) with any questions you have.