Saturday, May 30, 2009

Checking in!!

Hello all!! I wasn't very eager to post because I actually haven't really started any projects to speak of. My mom and I finally arrived home after a few days of driving on Wednesday night, and unloaded WAY too much stuff. In fact, most of my things are stacked in the hallway.
Life has been more hectic than I planned. On an impulse, I decided to change my flight to Italy to next Friday, so I pretty much have a week to unpack, visit the necessary relatives, and repack for Italy. Add to this the need to relax after the madness of graduation and senior week, and it's completely stressful-- but mostly good, exciting stress.
On Thursday night, with my parents and sister, I saw Jersey Boys, the national tour. It was very entertaining, though the script (outside of the musical numbers which were fantastic) left a lot to be desired. It was pretty cute, though-- the theater was filled with all these senior citizens, who got really into all the songs and were dancing and stuff at the end during curtain call.
For now, I'm off to go to my favorite thrift store and look for some farmer-appropriate clothing.
How is everyone? Anyone being a bit more creative? Post!! I would love to hear from y'all.

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